There is a world inside us that whispers “But, what if…?’
A small business starts with one simple idea, “But, what if…?”

What if I could leave the corporate world and be my own boss? …What if my ideas could revolutionise the world? …What if my expertise could really make a difference?

The tricky thing is, how do you turn that whisper into reality? How do you connect with the people you want to connect with, charge the prices you want to charge and market yourself in a way that doesn’t feel icky?

Well my little paprika covered sausages, it all starts with creating a clear, concise and consistently compelling brand based on your values and personality type… and that just so happens to be my speciality.

Well hello there, and welcome to my world. I’m Naomi: a brand strategist, graphic designer, web builder, copywriter and personality profiler with a degree in marketing.

After 15 years working with small businesses start-ups I’ve developed my own process to help business owners cut through the overwhelming amount of marketing advice floating around the interwebs and get started on the path to self-employment freedom. Using personality typing, values analysis, design, storytelling and marketing strategyI’ll help you create a brand that is uniquely you and plays to your personal strengths; because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about small business it’s that being yourself is the surest way to create a brand that people will remember, trust and invest in.

How we can work together.
Here you’ll find my signature business start-up packages. My pièce de résistance. My crème de la crème. My sauce to your sausage sanga (Hey, I am an Aussie). During our time together I’ll be there with you every step of the way to bring your business dreams to life.
True North Package
Create Your
Brand Strategy
Timeframe: 3 weeks

Basecamp Package

Brand Strategy
and Logo

Timeframe: 4-6 weeks

The Summit Package

Brand Strategy, Logo
and Website
Timeframe: 10-12 weeks

Off-trail Extras

Additional services including business naming, copywriting & personality based coaching.
About you.
You may just be starting out in your business or you may have been running it for a little while. You’re an expert in your field, but when it comes to your branding and how to communicate exactly what you do to the people that matter, everything just ends up getting a little foggy. My talent is being able to see through that fog, identify your key strengths and your weaknesses (we all have them!) and package that all up in one compelling brand that will propel you away from the corporate life and on your way to being firmly in charge of your own destiny.

People who work with me usually have one or two or even more of these things in common:


  • They want to do something they’re really into every day, not just in their spare time – something that has deep meaning to them; whether it’s their craft or the experience of running a business.
  • They’re ambitious but want to achieve success in an ethical way that expresses their personal values.
  • They know deep down in their cotton socks that they don’t want to spend one more hour working in a corporate cubicle.
  • They want to be the go-to people in their field of expertise – those who move and inspire others with innovative ideas that will make a difference and help the world in some way.
  • They have a banging, gritty, burning determination to see their dream become a reality and are willing to take full responsibility for that dream.
What’s it like to work with me?
“Naomi is a combination of creativity, talent and diligence with a strong desire for successful outcomes. She has done an incredible job in creating our brand strategy and logo.

Right from the beginning, she put in limitless effort to gain a clear understanding of our personality, business goals and direction and she exceeded our expectations every step of the way.

We love the way she approaches things with a total can-do attitude, making the whole experience both enlightening and fun. Her process was responsive, insightful and engaging, with excellent communications throughout. Without a doubt, we’d work with Naomi again.”

Serene and Eric Tan,
Hopp Footwear

“I still remember the day I found her. Her beautiful pixie-like face smiling back at me from her website. I knew straight away
that she was ‘The One’.

Naomi Gora, You are such a fabulous woman. You have a tremendous talent for helping people turn their dreams into reality and making the journey fun and deeply inspiring.

You held my hand when I didn’t really know what I was doing or where I was going, and then… Just when you knew I was ready. You let go. And watched me fly.”

Helene Thomas,
The Wayfinder Mobile Storytelling Studio

“By an incredible stroke of luck, Naomi has been a part of my brand story from the very beginning when it was little more than an idea.

She took the time to understand my business so well that most times she grasped the vision and brand identity even before I did.

It’s entirely possible she’s in my head, seeing patterns amidst the chaos and bringing the concept to life. I’d sum her up as intuitive, creative and invaluable.

Oh, and did I mention she’s practical too? Timely and efficient to a tee. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Kamila Scholz,
The Good Sheet

It’s time to bring your world to life.

If you’d like to work with a creative professional who’ll believe in you and your world as much as you do, find out more here…
Bring your ‘But, what if I could…?’ dream to life in a way that’s uniquely you.
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