What you can expect when you go on a brand building expedition with me…
(I promise you won’t need any bandaids or chafing cream).

Step 1 – Let’s dive in!

This is the funnest bit!

This is where we roll up our sleeves, pop on our itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis and dive into the depths of your squishy gray moosh noodle to search for hidden gems.

All brands are different and need different things. I’ve seen some small businesses hit six or even seven figures without a logo. I’ve seen some take off with just a Facebook page and I’ve seen some crash and burn because their logo and imagery didn’t communicate the right message to their customers. So, to start with we’ll have three one-one-one sessions so I can ask you loads of questions about your background, your audience, competitors and what you want to achieve. I’ll also take you through a personality profiling session so I can see how your business can be brought to life in a way that will highlight your strengths and make sure any stumbling blocks are minimised, then we’ll get super clear about matching your business and personal values. Once I have all the info and have taken to it with my trusty highlighter, we’ll meet in person if you’re nearby or Skype to workshop everything and get a solid feel of the most important priorities of your business.

Step 2 – Building your brand and marketing strategy 

This is the head scratching, problem solving, clarity bit!

We’re gonna need a whole lot o’ coffee and a twelve pack of Krispy Kremes. (My shout if we’re working in person, if we’re working over Skype, I’m happy for you to watch me eat mine).

After our initial Skype session, I’ll create a mood board, some sketches and the beginnings of what your business will look, feel and sounds like. We’ll then have another Skype session to further clarify, nut out any inconsistencies and make sure we’re on the right track before I go into full production mode.

Step 3 – Time to bring your world to life

This is the all-in messy creative bit!

(You’re welcome to throw paint balls at me if you like).

This is where I squirrel myself away in my creative cave and get busy making your world. There’s not much you can do here but wait with the anticipation of a baby goat who’s just spotted a Hills Hoist full of tasty under garments.

Step 4 – It’s alllliiiiiivvvvvve

This is the most exciting bit!

Yes, we can jump up and down with glee if you really want to. We could even Skype dance to some Rihanna (I don’t even know who Rihanna is really, I’ll leave the music choice up to you).

This is where you get to see all our hard work come to fruition and get the first glimpses at your world brought to life. I’ll let it sit with you for a day or two to really let it sink in then ask for your feedback and we’ll chat about any tweaks needed to make it just right.

Step 5 – Go forth and prosper

This is the ‘Oh yay, happy we’re finished’ but ‘Oh no, sad our time together for now has come to an end’ bit!

It’s time for me to pack up my Mary Poppins bag of tricks and send you merrily on your way to unveil your invaluable and much needed world to the masses.

Now that your brand spanking new world has been made to order and ready to get you off to the best start possible; you know, charging higher prices, connecting with like-minded customers, feeling like a boss as you hand out your freshly printed business card or pop copies of your new book in the post to eager readers, I’ll send you a download of all your artwork files set up for future print and online use and a copy of your brand strategy to keep you on track when you’re making all those big, bad business decisions you’ll be making. If we’ve made a website for you too, I’ll also organise a training session on how to drive your shiny new WordPress website.

Step 6 – Spread the word

This is the ‘let’s make people even happier’ bit!

I want to help you, and as many people as possible, build successful brands that positively impact the world.

So, if you tell someone you know about the work I do and they book with me, I’ll say thank you by helping you along on the next stage of your business development. While a strong and memorable brand, killer website and juicy book are the pillars of a profitable business, there’s always so much more to learn to keep the cogs turning and the money flowing, so, if you refer a friend I’ll shout you one of my favourite business tools in the areas of money blocks, goal setting or personal development… If they’re not your style, I’ll send you an Amazon voucher instead. Awww, love.

“Naomi is an excellent guide for any business owner. She is able to intuitively tease out the essential elements of the relationship between personal and  business objectives. I found her method and style very enlightening and stimulating and she was able to clarify my vision and mission in a short amount of time. I would recommend her to anybody seeking clarity in business objectives and how to apply personal skills to achieve business success.”

Brian Dickson,
Owner of Inner Qi, Qi Gong Studio 


Bring your 'But, what if I could...?' dream to life in a way that's uniquely you.

© 2016 Naomi Gora


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