Find Your Compass

A Custom Profile Reading Service to walk you through what your personality type needs in your line of business and how you can leverage that knowledge to your advantage.

You know your personality type… But how does that affect your business?

Find Your Compass to:


Run your business focusing on what you most love doing (and do best).


Avoid feeling impatient, icky, tired, stressed or energy-drained.


Increase your success as an entrepreneur by leveraging your personality type’s best qualities.


Understand  how to stack your team to support your personality type

You can operate your business from a place that feels  right to you.

But you need to know enough about yourself, your patterns, how your brain is naturally wired, and different business models you can opt into to make it work profitably.

Why should you Find Your Compass?

There is no rulebook in business, and if anyone tells you the opposite, RUN.

To follow guidelines and business models built by others is a quick and successful recipe for overwhelm, headaches, potential failure, and maybe even some crying.

There is no way you should do business, other than the way that works best for YOU.

This customised, detailed video walkthrough of how your personality type typically shows up in business will help you walk away from overpromising one-size-fits-all strategies and learn how to consistently step into your zone of genius.

To find your True North, you must first Find Your Compass – and I can help you do that!

MAKE YOUR OWN RULES | With feedback tailored to your industry, your position and your personality type.

What Makes You Tick?

You know what I mean… That feeling that you’re in the flow of business, that everything comes easy and you’re on top of the world with effortless wins.

What if you could access that state over and over again, every day in your business?

Getting an in-depth feedback video explanation of how your personality type affects you in business will help you create your own roadmap to success… on your terms.

Find Your Compass to Create Your Own Rulebook and:


When you’re not working in alignment with your personality type, you may miss out on great opportunities for your business.

By creating your own rulebook, you’ll weed out what doesn’t work for you and identify the best opportunities easily.


Forcing yourself into a business model or marketing strategy that doesn’t fit can have a really negative impact on your mental health. Many business owners and CEOs are unknowingly guilty of this.

There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to do business! Find the one that works for you and show up at your best all the time.


Think more revenue, higher profits, and best results.

By learning how to step into your zone of genius consistently, you’ll learn what to amp up and what to cut out to optimise your efforts in business.

How you work is important.

Who you work with too.

Extroverts feel their fire go out when they work alone for long periods of time with no one to bounce things off.

Introverts get overwhelmed with the idea of a 10-person meeting. Intuitives love the big picture and future possibilities while sensors may like to start with details of what’s ‘here and now’. And if you fall into what we call the ‘Judger’ category, don’t even try to get your ‘Perceiver’ team mate to be ‘more organised’ or stick to your strict time line. There’s space for every type in business with a little understanding.

What Clients Are Saying

The best thing I’ve ever done for my business was getting my brand strategy done with Naomi. She took the time to really listen and connect with me during our personality profiling and values sessions, so when she delivered my new brand, it was so on point I didn’t change a thing!

I can’t thank her enough for the start she gave me in my business. Getting clear on who I am, my message and how that translated into my brand story and marketing was absolutely everything for me. It was really when everything took off for me. Amazing.

Dione McCurdy

Career Coach

Whether you’re creating a new business & brand strategy or wanting to evolve in your existing one, you just have to connect with Naomi.

Working with Naomi has taught me so much about who I am and how I can serve others in my industry with confidence and authenticity. Her knowledge, support and guidance has been so invaluable in helping me to create a business that is both effortless and rewarding.

Lisa Miller

The Alternative Hair Therapist

I am so thankful I found Naomi in the depths of the internet. I got so much more than I expected working with her and learnt so much about myself through her unique process. She takes the time to listen and understand who you are and uses her amazing insight and intuition to provide a sustainable business platform that fits you like a glove.

Her work is truly pioneering. Thank you Naomi, you are one inspiring, innovative and heartful businesswoman”

Mardi Keyes

Senior Executive & C-Suite Mentor

For only $99, get an eye-opening video walkthrough of your personality type in business.

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